Tokyo Connections : Job Listings



Bloomberg Careers COOL
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The Bloomberg careers search offers information on some positions in Japan. To access the Japanese listings, simply pull down the "Location" selection box until you reach "Intl-Japan".

JobSeek Japan COOL
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JobSeek Japan carries a small number of job listings in various fields such as IT, teaching and entertainment. Be sure to check the dates on the job listings, since some are over 6 months old and therefore one would assume the vacancies have been filled. There is also a section for job seekers to submit their resumes.

Manpower Japan Latest Job Information COOL
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One-page summary of the latest job openings handled by the Manpower employment agency.

Overseas/International Jobs Database - Japan COOL
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This site carries a small number of varied job openings, from teaching through technical positions.

Career Journal
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The Career Journal site, part of the WSJ group of companies, carries some listings for jobs in Japan. Just enter "Japan" into the location box, then try the search again with "Tokyo" (if you're in Tokyo) as there seem to be a few results that don't overlap. Some jobs are presented in Japanese, so you'll need a Japanese-enabled browser to view those.

Joho Technology
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Joho Technology is a technology provider, offering web and IT solutions. They have a list of personnel requirements, and seem to be vigorously hiring network and server administrators and other types of IT staff. Candidates must be based in Tokyo.