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Opportunities to share your skills and availability as you look for the perfect job.

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Employment classifieds for Japan/Japanese-related positions outside Japan.

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Insite Tokyo Classified 1000
27641 visits. User Rating: 3.13/10 (29 votes.) RATE THIS
Small number of miscellaneous career-related classified ads. This site appears to update only once every few months so colour your expectations accordingly.

Japan Work Station
25871 visits. User Rating: 2.14/10 (35 votes.) RATE THIS
Bulletin board with job vacancies and job wanted posts. Candidates can browse the posted vacancies or post their resume on the resume board. NOTE: This resource appears unmoderated, and some get-rich-quick type ads are mingled with the genuine job postings.

12649 visits. User Rating: 2.33/10 (6 votes.) RATE THIS
JapanFile, connected to the magazine Kansai Timeout, carries employment classifieds for the Kansai region of Japan.

JapanUpdate Classifieds
10083 visits. User Rating: 2.12/10 (8 votes.) RATE THIS
A small selection of Okinawan Help Wanted classifieds from JapanUpdate.

jCiti Ads
7137 visits. User Rating: 3.00/10 (6 votes.) RATE THIS
Small classified ads site divided by job category. You can post your ads for free after you register with them.

14763 visits. User Rating: 6.91/10 (58 votes.) RATE THIS
As well as providing information about events and happenings in the Kansai region, KansaiConnect also carries classified ads for job openings in a number of fields. Ads can be placed on the site free of charge.

Mainichi Interactive Classifieds
15422 visits. User Rating: 2.08/10 (12 votes.) RATE THIS
The Mainichi Daily News carries a mixed selection of job offers and job wanted classified ads on its recently revamped website.

Tokyo Classified Classifieds
18375 visits. User Rating: 3.46/10 (13 votes.) RATE THIS
Tokyo Classified's website offers some 30-odd employment classified categories, containing jobs taken from the print edition of the magazine. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to know which categories have jobs in them in any given week, so you'll just have to look at each one individually.

Tokyo Journal Classifieds
12506 visits. User Rating: 3.21/10 (14 votes.) RATE THIS
You'll find a handful of "EMPLOYMENT" ads mixed in with the other classifieds at this site.

Tokyo YY Jobs
12658 visits. User Rating: 2.62/10 (13 votes.) RATE THIS
A very small but frequently updated collection of job and job wanted ads.