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Counseling and Support in Japan
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Provides free information on counseling, therapy, mental and emotional health resources, online self-help and support groups, help line and other useful resources in English and Japanese. Also offers a forum where people can express their feelings and find support.

Hozumi Clinic
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Hozumi Clinic is a medical center providing professional, confidential client centered medical support and psychiatric consultation services, counseling and rehabilitaion daycare center services to the Tokyo community.

Ikebukuro Counselling Centre (I.C.C.)
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Ikebukuro Counselling Centre (I.C.C.) provides professional and confidential counseling, psychotherapy and group therapy services to all residents in the Tokyo region.

Medical Institutes where Foreign Languages are Available
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A handy guide to medical institutions around Japan, showing which have staff able to communicate in languages other than Japanese. Listings are divided by region and are also browsable by language.