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A.C.E. International Ltd.
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A.C.E. provides executive search services for foreign companies, with a focus on law, finance, real estate, IT and other professionals.

Allied Global Partners
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Allied Global Partners focuses on providing personalized executive search services exclusively for multinational corporations seeking experienced Japanese executives.

Atlantic Research Technologies
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Worldwide executive search and recruitment for upper level and middle managers in the high tech, industrial and service sectors.

Cambridge Transearch
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Cambridge Transearch specialises in locating senior executives for companies.

Ingenium Group
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Ingenium is a Tokyo-based executive search firm that introduces executives and senior-level managers to industry leading companies in Japan. Ingenium focuses on technology, finance, professional services, consumer and life sciences positions. The site carries an updated list of latest job openings, categorised by industry.

Shimano Partners
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Shimano Partners is a Tokyo-based consulting firm that specializes in executive and board-level searches and strategic alliances in the Japanese market.

Top Money Jobs
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Top Money Jobs focuses on high-paying positions in finance, and on senior management positions.