Tokyo Connections : Working Holiday Programs


Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers
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Government-backed organization providing orientation, travel advice and job referrals to Working Holiday Makers.

The Working Holiday Programmes in Japan
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Official government-provided information on the Working Holiday programme, including eligibility requirements and application procedures. NOTE: At the time of this review (July 2001) the site had not yet been updated to reflect the extension of this programme to UK residents.

UK Working Holiday Visa Information
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Document from the Embassy of Japan in the UK, explaining the requirements and restrictions of the Working Holiday programme, open to UK Citizens between 18 and 25 who fulfill certain additional criteria.

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WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) provides information on various host establishments across Japan - not just farms - willing to employ people for 4-6 hours a day in return for room and board and the experience of mingling with the local community. Note that there is an annual fee to join WWOOF Japan and make use of most of the information they provide.