Tokyo Connections : Work Experiences


Dan's Adventure in Japan
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A well-written account of the summer internship of Dan, a Master of Health Administration student at the University of Iowa.

The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go (Or:What I Wish I Knew Before...)
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This is a very well-written guide, mainly focused on day-to-day life in Japan, though there are many practical tips on business too. The only problem is the white text on vivid blue background, which could give rise to pretty serious eyestrain!

The Money in Japanese TV
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An interesting account, written with tongue firmly inserted into cheek, of one man's brief brush with fame and fortune (actually, little of either) on Japanese TV.

When You're BIG in Japan
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Ok, this site isn't strictly about working in Japan, but it's a great read nonetheless. Rick, a Brit, has kept a quasi-daily diary of his life and experiences in Japan since April 1999... and it's still going strong today.