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A Guide to Getting a Job
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An in-depth look at the English teaching market in Japan, and how to secure a job. Covers everything from finding a job to the interview process, taxes and the weather. Each section is short but very readable, and you should find plenty of useful information here.
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This site acts as a kind of "clearing house", assisting students and teachers to come together. Teachers list themselves on the site, supplying information such as availability and hourly rate. Students can then browse the teacher listings and contact individual teachers.

ELT Calendar
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ELT Calendar offers a regularly updated calendar of conferences, workshops, seminars and other events for English language teachers in Japan.

ELT News
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Large directory bringing together news on the English language teaching scene, articles on teaching and on life in Japan, job listings and more.

English Job Maze
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The English Job Maze provides information on English teaching conditions around the world. The Japan page focuses on types of teaching, contracts, salary expectations, taxes and other information of use to teachers. There are also a small number of Japan-based job openings listed at any one time. NOTE: Although the main page you will arrive at is the "Japan" page, you still have to select "Japan" from the pulldown "Country" menu in order for the left-hand links to work correctly!

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English-To-Go offers a variety of resources and assistance to teachers of English. While some of the basic resources such as access to the "Teacher's Room" and a weekly newsletter are free, more advanced resources such as the archive of hundreds of "Instant Lessons" are accessible upon payment of a monthly fee ranging from US$7.50-$12.50. English-To-Go has a tie-in with Reuters, which supplies many of the articles on which the sample lessons are based.

ESL Cafe Jobs in Japan
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An good list of resources for finding an ESL job in Japan, part of Dave Sperling's excellent ESL Cafe site.

ESL Japan
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This website is dedicated to helping teachers of English as a Second Language share their experience of teaching abroad. There's also information on finding ESL jobs in Japan, relatively active discussion boards, and a penpal service.

One Stop English
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One Stop English offers free access to hundreds of lesson plans, games and tests (you'll have to register to get access; registration is free).

The English Resource
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Japan's largest ELT bookstore, offering over 20,000 items. Orders can be placed online, or you can visit the store (close to Odakyu Sagamihara Station on the Odakyu line out of Tokyo)

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