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A Day in the Life of an AET
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Ryan Olson shares his experience of the JET programme, with a certain offbeat tone (the site carries a "Cynicism Disclaimer"!)

ALT Online - JET Resource Guide
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This resource guide was created by Elliot Yamashiro, and is filled with personal insights based on his three years in the JET Programme from 1994-1997.

Japan - My Experiences
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An "insider" account of the JET programme, spanning two years, covering the experiences of Lynne Donaldson.

Jet Programme
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The official JET site, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. This very elegant and well-presented resource details all aspects of the JET program, from the types of position offered to interviews with JET participants and many categorized links to JET-related web resources.

JETAA Job Guide
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This guide provides information on careers relating to the "JET Experience" as well as job openings from companies that have explicitly expressed a willingness to hire JET alumni. The site also has a large archive of articles and a list of useful job-related links.

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Alumni Association (JETAA)
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The JET programme has a very active alumni association, and this is their site. It provides links to over 30 JET alumni chapters around the globe, information about JET and shared experiences, a mailing list and many other resources for people who have followed the JET programme.

This Jet's Story
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A personal account of the JET experience by Stefan, who participated in the programme between Summer 1997 and July 1999.