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Forval Foundation Internship
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This program offers 8-week paid internships in Japanese companies to US undergraduates who meet certain criteria. The program places 10-15 students each year.
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Specialises in matching students with companies looking to hire interns. Has a good selection of jobs and companies to choose from. Each job listing contains information on the required skills and level of Japanese and English fluency desired, together with other pertinent information such as salary and working hours, and contact information.

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German organization offering information about internships in Japan for German speakers (if you read German and I got this entry wrong, please let me know! Thanks...)

The Co-Op Japan Program
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A program specialized in developing work placements in Japan and Asia for Canadian university students and recent graduates. Several different programs are offered, including a placement program for science and engineering students.

Yamasa's Internships Database
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Site grouping together information on various Japanese internships for undergraduate and master degree-level students.