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Articles and commentary on working in Japan.

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Essential reading for job-seekers hoping to find their place on the Japanese employment scene.

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1998 Guide to Jobs in Japan
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Although the information is several years old now, this site offers for free the full text of the book (minus the extensive contact listings, which are most likely out of date anyway!) The site covers all the major aspects of securing a job in Japan, from visa requirements to the types of job available, how to resolve payment disputes and much more.

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For-fee service that enables you to build professionally formatted resumes online via a variety of templates. You can then share the resume you created, and track which employers have viewed it.

Brooke Consulting
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Brooke Consulting offers employee pre-screening services to verify that the employment and education history that employees include in their CV/resume is true and accurate.

Marinerblue's Acting Guide
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Billing itself as the most comprehensive guide to acting jobs in Tokyo, Marinerblue combines a regular newsletter with a variety of feature articles, a detailed FAQ about the acting/modeling scene in Tokyo and a for-fee online guide with more in-depth information and reviews of 22 freelance agencies.

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TownPage is an English-language telephone directory published by NTT Directory Services. It contains information about businesses all over Japan. It also offers a variety of articles, maps and other resources. A convenient feature of this directory is that many of the entries include a contact email address and the URL of the company's site.

Website URLs of Japanese Companies
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When you're ready to do some research about a potential employer, this site may help. Toyo Keizai maintains a list (now over 800 entries strong) of links to the English-language pages of listed Japanese companies. If you know the name of the company you're looking for, it's easy to navigate the alphabeticized listings to find their site.