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CentrePeople Recruitment Consultants
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CentrePeople is based in London, and lists many job openings for Japanese speakers based in and around London, and elsewhere in the UK.

Connected Group
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Recruitment company in Hong Kong, specializing in placing professionals in positions in Hong Kong and Japan.

Euro London
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London-based recruitment company focusing on multilingual recruitment. You can see the latest Japanese openings by entering "Japanese" into the search engine in the top frame of this page (you'll have to wait for the java to finish loading first). Most positions are based in or around London, though some Japan-side positions are also listed.

IMCA America Inc.
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Located in Silicon Valley, IMCA America Inc. specialises in recruiting Japanese professionals for placement in multinational organizations in the US.

Japan Recruiters International
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Japan Recruiters International specializes in recruiting Japanese graduates of US universities currently living in the US, and placing them in jobs in Japan.

Max Consulting Group Inc.
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Max specialises in placing Japanese in companies in the USA. Their latest positions are browsable online, and are frequently updated. They also offer a series of resources, such as resume samples and a list of typical positions in Japanese companies.

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MRJapanese specializes in placing staff in US subsidiaries of Japanese companies, and in US firms with substantial business relationships with Japan. Candidates should generally either be bilingual or have a history of direct employment with a Japanese organization.

Pacific Advisory Service
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Pacific Advisory Services specializes in recruiting executives and professionals for the US offices of Japanese corporations. Many of the jobs on offer have a Japanese language requirement.

Pasona Europe
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Pasona Europe is a specialist recruitment company that places candidates in Japanese companies in the UK and Europe, and in other companies with a focus on Japan. They are most active in the UK.

People First
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A specialist agency, focusing predominantly on placing Japanese-speaking and multilingual candidates in positions in and around London. Their site carries a list of most recent vacancies.