Tokyo Connections : Recruitment Companies


Entertainment (0)
Organizations specialising in recruiting personnel into the entertainment industry.

Financial (4)
Recruitment firms focused primarily on the financial and banking sector.

IT and Technical (14)
Agencies and executive recruitment companies specializing in candidates with an IT or technical background, such as electronics.

Modeling and Entertainment (2)
Companies and agencies in the modeling and entertainment industries

Overseas (10)
Employment agencies and executive search firms that specialise in placing Japanese and Japanese-speaking candidates outside Japan.

Senior Management (7)
Recruitment firms specialising in filling the topmost tiers of management.

Temporary Staff (1)
Organizations specializing in placement of temporary and short-term staff.


April International
8024 visits. User Rating: 2.42/10 (12 votes.) RATE THIS
Executive search firm specializing in finance, IT and senior management positions. You can always browse the latest job listings on the site, but it's worth noting that their "Site Search" function does just that: it searches the ENTIRE site rather than just the jobs listing database.

Borgnan HDI
8190 visits. User Rating: 1.55/10 (9 votes.) RATE THIS
Borgnan HDI is a relatively large company that specializes in providing international companies in Japan with qualified foreign and Japanese personnel. NOTE: While HDI posts new vacancies online, the site appears to be very infrequently updated - it also has some problems with rogue Japanese characters appearing in the middle of English-language pages when viewing using an English browser.

Career Strategy Inc.
6935 visits. User Rating: 2.83/10 (6 votes.) RATE THIS
Career Strategy Inc. specialises in placement of bilingual Japanese professionals. The company also offers a for-fee resume consultation and proof-reading service.

CDS Consulting
7846 visits. User Rating: 5.22/10 (24 votes.) RATE THIS
CDS Consulting specializes in recruiting high-quality, experienced personnel in the high tech, advertising/PR and financial services sector. They have a small selection of jobs online (buried under the "Candidates->Job List" section) though at the time of this review (July 2001) the jobs on the list were over 6 months old.

CRT International
6462 visits. User Rating: 2.50/10 (10 votes.) RATE THIS
CRT International specializes in recruiting candidates into IT, Executive, Finance and Marketing/Sales positions.

East West Consulting Japan
8707 visits. User Rating: 3.16/10 (45 votes.) RATE THIS
East West Consulting Japan is an executive search firm. No job vacancies are listed on the main site, but they take an unusual approach in that each of their key consultants has his or her own mini-website. Some of these mini-websites post lists of current vacancies, others do not. You can find the list of all mini-websites by clicking on "Opportunity Sites" in the bottom left of the main menu.

ESS International
5126 visits. User Rating: 3.29/10 (7 votes.) RATE THIS
ESS International offers HR consulting services to companies, and job search and career planning assistance to individuals.

Executive Search International
8412 visits. User Rating: 6.61/10 (18 votes.) RATE THIS
ESI is a management consulting firm specializing in executive search and selection. They have a searchable database of current job openings. NOTE: In my browser, the "keyword" field of the search form was off the screen - you have to scroll the middle section of the screen downwards using the scrollbar on the right - very confusing!

6288 visits. User Rating: 4.33/10 (9 votes.) RATE THIS
This site allows you to search for job vacancies in Japan, build several versions of your resume that can be automatically mailed to employers, and register for email alerts when new jobs are posted matching your interests. Hudson covers most industries and both temporary/contract and permanent positions.

Human Dream, Inc.
6668 visits. User Rating: 5.00/10 (7 votes.) RATE THIS
Assists professionals in finding appropriate opportunities in the employment marketplace. The site is long on philosophy, but relatively short on practical information.

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