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CareerCross Japan COOL
67242 visits. User Rating: 6.36/10 (128 votes.) RATE THIS
Elegant job site dedicated to jobs in Japan and Japan-related positions overseas. Offers a resume bank, email updates, advice and tips on job hunting. The sophisticated search facility enables candidates to filter jobs by region, linguistic skills, education, work experience and more. Carries a good selection of jobs.

29927 visits. User Rating: 3.39/10 (35 votes.) RATE THIS
Asia-Net offers a searchable database of several hundred current job vacancies, plus emailed updates on new openings.

Asiaco Job Center
23494 visits. User Rating: 3.49/10 (37 votes.) RATE THIS
Asiaco has a few dozen Japan based jobs at any one time. Go to the "Area" selector and choose "Japan" to see them all. Note that employers can post job ads for free on this site.

23899 visits. User Rating: 5.21/10 (68 votes.) RATE THIS
This site carries job listings, and offers candidates the chance to submit a resume for employers to browse. It also offers a mailing list that keeps subscribers up to date on the latest job openings, as well as a resource section on life in Japan. The only downside to this well-presented site is the relative scarcity of available jobs - only 84 in the database at the time of this review (early July 2001). International Jobs
20604 visits. User Rating: 3.83/10 (11 votes.) RATE THIS is a major job site in the US market, but it also offers details of a few dozen openings in Japan. Select "Japan" from the search engine page to see current vacancies.
20990 visits. User Rating: 3.88/10 (26 votes.) RATE THIS carries listings for several hundred current job openings at any one time. Candidates can register for free, set up a detailed profile and receive new job alerts corresponding to their profile automatically by email. allows candidates to pre-submit resumes in both English and Japanese, which can then be sent to employers in a few clicks.

19921 visits. User Rating: 5.21/10 (19 votes.) RATE THIS
JobDragon offers a searchable database of over a thousand current job openings. You can fine-tune your search by various criteria such as industry, location and desired salary. Employers can add job vacancy information free of charge. NOTE: On the sample searches I performed, most jobs were presented in Japanese, so you'll need a Japanese-enabled browser to make best use of this site.
13038 visits. User Rating: 4.01/10 (15 votes.) RATE THIS
A site by Disco International, offers job-seekers a frequently updated listing of latest openings, broken down by industry field. Job seekers can register for email updates, and can upload their resumes - which can then be sent to companies with a single click. For employers, Disco maintains a large database of candidates, built up primarily through its many job fairs around the world.
10380 visits. User Rating: 2.00/10 (3 votes.) RATE THIS's main focus is on the UK market, though they do carry a small selection of jobs based in or relating to Japan. NOTE: Because of the internal workings of their search engine, any job with "Japan" in the description will be shown, even if it was just a passing reference to a branch office overseas.

Work In Japan
37196 visits. User Rating: 7.12/10 (56 votes.) RATE THIS
A job site covering the whole of Japan, and all major industries. Lists both jobs posted by companies and jobs advertised by recruitment firms. Has several hundred job listings in all, and is run by the folks at