Tokyo Connections : Grants and Scholarships


Daiwa Scholarships
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The Daiwa Foundation offers a number of scholarships each year to young British graduates. These scholarships enable recipients to spend twenty months in Japan learning about Japanese culture and studying Japanese. The second half of their stay will be spent working in a Japanese company related to their future career.

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ETP offers a series of EU-funded programs that include a 12-month Japanese language course, followed by a brief homestay with a Japanese family and 6 months of work at a Japanese company. The program is a management-development program, aimed at appropriate levels of the organization. NOTE: This site's "Flash" crashed my browser twice - but it's worth persevering if you're an EU citizen in full employment and you're interested in pursuing this unique opportunity.

Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership
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The CGP offers various programs to promote US-Japan relations, including the CGP Science Fellowship, which each year provides 15 to 20 American scientists with long-term research opportunities at Japanese national and private research institutes.

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
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JSPS is dedicated to promoting the advancement of science. They offer several hundred short and medium-term Fellowship grants each year to enable foreign researchers and graduate students to conduct scientific research in Japan.

The Japan Foundation
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The Japan Foundation offers a variety of programs to promote mutual understanding and friendship on the international scene. Many of these programs involve a chance to work or study in Japan. There's far too much on offer to fit into this small space, so see the site for full details!

The Royal Society
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The Royal Society of the UK offers details of various grants available for scientists to conduct study visits to Japan and longer Fellowship-backed visits. To find the appropriate information, first click on "J" from the navigation menu, then look for "Japan". Checkmarks appear under applicable categories; you can click on each checkmark to access full details of that programme.