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Immigration Offices (0)
Immigration offices generally handle matters such as extending and renewing work permits and residency visas. TIP: You can often save several hours of waiting by turning up 45 minutes before the Immigration Office officially opens, as customers are generally allowed to get in line up to an hour before they open.



Business, Taxes and Customs
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The Consulate General of Japan in New York has put together a comprehensive guide to Japanese income tax, together with information about the tax treaty in place between the US and Japan, and information on Customs allowances and restrictions.

Guide to Japanese Visas
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This authoritative guide from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan covers all aspects of securing work or other visas. Amongst other things, it covers the different kinds of jobs for which visas can be allocated, and provides a list of immigration offices around Japan and embassies overseas.

Japan National Organization Labour Links
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A handy one-page guide to many Japanese worker's unions, including information on the languages in which their websites are written.

Labor Net Nippon
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Labor Net Nippon provides a handy list of links to the major Japanese workers unions.

MOFA's List of Embassies and Consulates
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan maintains this list of Japanese embassies and consulates around the world. Useful if you're seeking to obtain a preliminary visa before entering the country.

NUGW Tokyo South
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A union dedicated to protecting the rights of Japanese and foreign workers in Japan, membership of NUGW Tokyo South is not not restricted to those working in any one industry, trade or workplace.

Requirements for Naturalization
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This is an unofficial, but very well-written and in-depth, guide to Japanese naturalization i.e. how to obtain the Japanese nationality, written by a guy who actually jumped through every hurdle listed here (and there are a lot of them!)

Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners
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The Employment Service Center for Foreigners offers vocational services to foreign students and foreigners with special skills and knowledge. It provides information concerning employment, vocational counseling and placement services. It also provides information and assistance to employers interested in recruiting foreign workers.