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Find a Teacher
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This site allows teachers of ANY languages to submit a comprehensive profile, which then goes into a database that students can search. The service is free to teachers (students pay a small fee to see the full profiles of the teachers they are interested in). Note: you must be currently IN Japan to take advantage of this service.

Jobs Wanted at
9779 visits. User Rating: 2.21/10 (23 votes.) RATE THIS allows candidates seeking work to post a 50-word resume on the site. The site divides Job Wanted ads into 4 categories: Teaching Jobs, IT Jobs, General Jobs and Bilingual Jobs. You'll find the relevant links in the top right-hand corner of the front page of the site.

Tokyo Notice Board Jobs Wanted
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This is the online version of the Tokyo Notice Board free weekly booklet/magazine. You can post ads free of charge via an online form.