Tokyo Connections : Clubs and Associations


American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
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The ACCJ organizes speaker sessions several times a week, open to members and guests. By joining the ACCJ, you receive discounted entry to their events, together with a copy of the Membership Directory which provides background information on all members - great for networking!

Association for Women in Finance
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The Association for Women in Finance (in Tokyo) is a multicultural, apolitical and non-for-profit organization that advocates greater cooperation among women in finance. AWF organizes regular events and seminars.

Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese
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AFWJ is a group with over 500 members in Japan and abroad, which aims to provide members with friendship, support, and mutual help in adapting to Japanese society.

Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
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The ANZCCJ was founded to promote business and strengthen cultural ties between Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It organizes various social and professional meetings for its members, such as seminars and evening dinners.

Being A Broad
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Living in Japan? Thinking of moving there? Need to know what life is like for a Western woman? Need some girlfriends to talk to and hang out with? Being A Broad helps you make the most of your life in Japan through a website, a free monthly email newsletter, a 544-page book, a yahoogroup and orientations. Over a thousand members throughout Japan and overseas. Although Being A Broad is certainly focused on Western women, women and men of all nationalities are welcome to join.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
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The CCCJ promotes Canadian business interests in Japan, and organizes events and guest speaker programs. The CCCJ publishes a Membership Directory and various other publications, and offers its members the chance to get involved on committees to influence the way business is conducted in Japan.

Digital Eve Japan
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The Japanese branch of a global nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women of all levels of involvement, ages, cultures and abilities to reach their goals through the use of new technology. DEJ organizes monthly get-together meetings, and also workshops on various computing and Internet topics.

Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo
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Club for those with an interest in developing or enhancing their business. Organizes monthly seminars and other networking events, and publishes an excellent email newsletter.

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FEW is a professional organization for foreign women in Japan. FEW holds monthly meetings and organizes career seminars and other events.

Field of Mugi
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A support group for working mothers in Japan, maintained by a working mother.

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